About Us

We are a healthcare management consulting firm, based in Charlotte, NC with the capabilities of a large provider and the personal touch of a boutique partner. With a strong healthcare presence, our firm encapsulates over thirty years of combined industry expertise and success delving into over forty unique medical and dental specialties. We have supported over three hundred and fifty physicians in that time with our collective experience managing both clinical and non-clinical operations. Over the years we have partnered with several fortune 100 companies, but our primary client base and specialty has been working with small to mid-sized practices improve their key day to day operations.

Our philosophy is to create working environments where patients feel comfortable and cared for, while physicians have the ability to continue their passion for patient care without distractions. We leverage our collective expertise to devise tailored made plans of action, which positively impacts the patient experience and creates a culture for the employees to thrive.

Partnering with practices to optimize their "areas of opportunity" or to alleviate their “pain points” is the driving force which birthed our firm and continues to drive us each and every day. We view all of our clients, their patients and families as partners and we welcome that bond very responsibly.